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“I’ve said it many times, but I’ll say it again. This is the best piece of shareware I have seen yet (and I have been seeing them for a lot of years) when you factor in features, price, simplicity and author response and interaction. The BEST.”

Gord McFee, Canada

“A long time Microsoft Money user, I finally got fed up with all the ads and other crap inside MS Money. I found ALL the functionality I needed for tracking all my accounts right here inside this financial package. Its small, fast, the author is very receptive to requests, and it pretty much does it all for a standard home user.”

Shane R. Monroe, USA

“I congratulate you on a super, intutitive and SIMPLE Financial Organiser. Kills the other mainstream ones with ease of use. Hope it never gets TOO top heavy with more gizmos.”

David Walton, Australia